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Prepare for Takeoff!

Ready to Begin Your Entrepreneurial Adventure?

A UNIVERSE of possibility lies ahead of you. Like anyone exploring the unknown, your first step is to prepare… and to master the fundamentals. Join me, Cornell Green in “mission control”, as we get ready for the amazing journey that is… becoming a BUSINESS!

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Checklist for SUCCESS

Before you’re ready to strap in and blast off on your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll need to make sure you have the fundamentals required to get off to a great start…


…is the first, essential aspect

of doing business well,

consistently and profitably

Sales” is not about money:

it’s about having something

people want and need

that they will pay you to deliver


Success as an entrepreneur

is usually the direct result of

you finding and reaching

the ideal group of people

your efforts and energies

are best suited to

deliver the Most Value to


Nobody can buy your goods

or hire your services if they

don’t know what they are.

Marketing” is NOT about

your product: it’s the story of

the Value you have to offer to

the people who want to buy it